Are NFTs not just JPEGs?

  • NFTs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, formats, and media. They can be digital assets encoding art, music, games, products, domain names, even real estate. NFTs are stored on the blockchain. Owning the NFT means owning its cryptographic form on the blockchain. You can claim ownership only if you have the ‘keys’ for your NFT.

  • NFTs are a means to reward artists in the digital area but are much more than that. For us at DPX, the most important advancement of NFTs is that they allow the transmission and creation of ideas.

The Coca-Cola Company made forays into the NFT arena with their International Friendship Day Coca-Cola NFTs, which were sold for $575,883.61 in an online auction. Credit: The Coca-Cola Company.

The National Football League has arranged for fans to receive virtual NFT commemorative tickets to celebrate Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles on February 13, 2022. Credit: Ticketmaster.