Type 0 - Subglobal Culture. Wood, coal, oil based fuels. Species confined to planet. Pictured: A gas plant in Iran. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Type 2 - Stellar Culture. Utilizes the energy output of the sun. Interplanetary travel and space colonization. Pictured: A Dyson sphere. Credit: dottedhippo/iStock/Getty Images Plus.

Type 1 - Global Culture. Utilizes the energy output of the entire planet. Pictured: Earth from space. Credit: NASA.

Type 3 - Galactic Culture. Harnesses the energy output of a galaxy - 10bn x the output of a Type 2 civilization. Traveling across interstellar space populating thousands of worlds. Pictured: The Whirlpool Galaxy. Credit: NASA.

Our core principles and values revolve around the betterment of the human species through collective efforts. We believe that our future is open-ended and spectacular, but we can reach that future only if we come together as one species under the sun, and fight to make that future happen. We can achieve our potential only if we look forward instead of backwards, if we resolve our conflicts and come together in pursuit of our common goals, and if we have an open mind to explore the myriad of solutions available. We base our philosophy on the following core principles and values:

  1. Forward-looking

  • Future and futurism. You can't get there if you don't dream it first. You can't dream it first if you don't let go of your doubt.

  • Space travel. Let's face it, space travel is the future. That doesn't mean we shouldn't give our 110% to make things better on Earth. But humankind has much greater plans.

  • Bettering ourselves. The question isn't why we're here, but how to be the best version of ourselves while we're here. We are the waking universe looking back on itself. We need to come together, warts and all, and advance civilization.

  1. Community

    Everyone, literally everyone who believes in the values we outlined above is welcome to join us in our quest. It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, who or what you are. So long as you believe in the human potential to reach the stars, you are welcomed!

  1. Creativity

    The only boundaries we encounter is those we set ourselves. We believe that we can achieve 1000,000 more wonderful things so long as we come together and dare to create our common future!

Type 4 - Universal Culture. Harnsesses the energy output of a billion trillion suns. Traveling across the universe. Immortal. Pictured: Galaxy cluster SMACS 0723. Credit: NASA.

Type 5 - Multiverse Culture. Can jump between universes. Capable of universe wide manipulation. Pictured: Multiverse 'bubbles'. Credit: Verse and Dimensions Wiki.

The Kardashev Scale of Civilization Types

We are currently Type 0