We are a small but committed team, with a broad range of expertise, a ton of useful ideas, and plenty of enthusiasm for the future of the blockchain. We entered the NFT space a few years ago based on a common passion for decentralization, including decentralized labor, decision making, and the decentralized currency market.

This was complemented by a strong interest in art, especially of the digital kind, and the endless potential offered by the NFT arena to digital artists. Since then, we have fully embraced the NFT space, have invested in this space, championed artists, and actively promoted NFTs to lay users.

As we increasingly engaged with the NFT world, we started to realize the huge potential it has to offer, not only for creating cool collectibles, amazing pieces of art, and mediating between the physical and digital world. No, we believe the NFT arena has potential that goes well beyond the current use strategy and it can support and help grow a truly decentralized community.

We set out to build such a truly decentralized community, unique in this space, and the first of many to come. Our core goals, shared by all members of this community, are to propel us (collective ‘us’) full speed to the 22nd century and beyond. If you are a believer in the key role of decentralization for furthering our world, then join us on our journey as the member of the first truly decentralized community.

Our Team